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What Are the Causes of Mold Found in Homes?

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

man looks at mold on all of his home mold inside a tallahassee home

What Are the Causes of Mold Found in Homes?

In order to prevent mold from growing in your home, you should know how it gets there in the first place. Here are the common causes of mold.

Finding mold on your bread can ruin your hopes of making a delicious sandwich. But finding mold in your home is far worse than a spoiled lunch. Mold causes damages your home so it's good to know tips to prevent mold growth.

Whether you are currently dealing with a mold problem or trying to prevent mold from growing, you should know the causes of mold and the signs to look for.

This article will identify the most common causes of mold in homes and how to fix it!


If you live in an area with high humidity or near a body of water you may notice signs of mold, especially in the hotter months of the year. Moisture in the air can cause mold to grow on the walls, ceiling, or inside dark spaces (closet, cabinets, etc.).

The best way to prevent mold in a humid environment is to ventilate your home. If you do see mold growing in your home, act quickly by calling a mold remediation company

Leaking Pipes

Mold found in homes is often caused by leaking pipes. Mold can grow behind walls or above the ceiling making it harder to detect. And by the time you do find the leak, the mold could already have spread.

If you suspect a leaking pipe, you can contact a plumber or water damage expert. Dry out the area and remove the mold before sealing.


If your home has recently flooded you could be looking at several types of mold growing within a matter of days. It's important to keep an eye out for mold growth while you are drying out the flooded area. Keep the affected area well ventilated too.

Leaking Roof

Much like leaking pipes, a leaking roof can cause mold growth - most often in the attic. When water leaks from the roof it provides the perfect moist environment for mold to grow and spread. Check your roof for leaks and keep your attic dry and well ventilated to avoid mold growth. 

Wet Clothes

Believe it or not, wet clothing that sits for too long can grow mold. Don't leave wet towels or clothes in a pile or for too long without drying them. If you don't have a dryer, consider using a clothesline outside to dry them and prevent mold.

Damp Basement

Basements are notorious for mold growth because they are often damp and humid. You may see signs of mold on the walls or the ceiling or notice a musty smell. You can prevent mold growth in the basement by keeping it well ventilated and as dry as possible.

Know the Causes of Mold and Stop the Spread

There are many causes of mold but most of them start with excessive moisture in areas of your home. You can stop mold from spreading by patching leaking pipes or the roof and keeping your house well ventilated.

Be aware of what mold looks and smells like so that you can take action quickly after finding evidence. And if you do find mold in your home, contact SERVPRO right away.

Mold Prevention According To Black Mold Removal Specialists

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

2 people viewing mold on wall assessing mold damage on wall of Tallahassee business.

How You Can Prevent Mold According To Black Mold Removal Specialists

Are you concerned about the growth of mold in your home? Learn how you can protect your house today according to black mold removal specialists.

Mold can grow almost anywhere, entering the home through windows, water, and doors. You can even track it into your home on your shoes.

You might only think of mold as a problem when you have a flood or water leak, but you can benefit from mold prevention and black mold removal more frequently than you think!

If you're looking to learn more about black mold and how to prevent it, read on to learn from the experts. 


Many people think cold weather will kill off any mold in their house, although this is untrue. Cold temperatures will only dry out the mold. It will rehydrate and reactivate in summer. Just waiting for winter is not enough to prevent mold.

The best mold removal method is via airflow. By ensuring your rooms have proper ventilation, you can easily limit mold growth. 

Stop Moisture

Black mold most commonly grows where there's sufficient moisture. It can grow on any surface, ranging from paper to wood to carpet. 

Avoid difficult mold removal by preventing mold from taking root in moist areas. As soon as you notice any plumbing leaks, have them fixed and treat the area with household mold remover gel. There is a variety of over-the-counter products that can control mold spores and colonies, so you don't have to pay for professionals.

Laundry rooms are common culprits when it comes to black mold. Ensure you don't leave damp laundry or wet clothes lying around and make an effort to keep your laundry room dry and ventilated. 

If you live in a humid area or some of your rooms often accumulate moisture, consider a dehumidifier to keep the area clean and avoid ambient condensation. 

Hire Professionals For Black Mold Removal

Sometimes you might have to call in professional help. Black mold is sneaky, and you might have a colony before you even realize it. Specialists can check your home for sources of black mold, and give you some advice on how to both prevent mold and remove existing spots.

If they find black mold in your home, professionals will use a combination of mold removal gel and mold removal spray to eliminate the colony and stop the spores from spreading further. 

They will also sample the spores to determine what kind of mold is present in your home and if there are any health risks. The mold removal cost tends to be affordable and is worth the peace of mind.

Be Proactive About Mold Today

Hopefully, this article will have given you a few tips about black mold removal. Staying on top of the mold in your home will keep your family healthy and happy. If you're proactive about controlling mold, you won't have to worry about expensive mold cleaning bills! 

Check out our supply of mold cleaning products, and if you need any advice, don't hesitate to contact us

The Warnings Signs of Mold

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

mold on wall mold on wall inside home

Finding mold in your home is every homeowner's nightmare. Yet its presence is more common than you may think.

It is estimated that approximately 70% of homes have some form and in Tallahassee, Florida we are at the height of mold season.

But with the number of homes affected being so high, it must mean that the signs of mold aren’t as obvious as seeing patches on your walls. If so it would surely be higher on the list of issues for tenants and homeowners alike.

So what are the signs of mold that you should pay attention to? Read on as what you find out may surprise you.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

Another way that mold in your home makes its presence known is through your nose. The reason is due to microbial volatile organic compounds which are a byproduct of mold growth. The fact that they are volatile means that they can travel through surfaces, which means that their scent may be an early indicator of mold that you can take action on.

So what should you look out for?

Smells can vary but the most common could be likened to the musty earthy tone you get from opening an old book that has been on the shelf for too long.

If this rings a bell for one of your rooms then take note.

Don’t Ignore What’s Right in Front of You 

While it may be one of the more obvious signs of mold, ignoring visible indicators in your home is easy to do.

Action is often taken when patches of different colors appear on a wall, ceiling, or even bathroom tiles. But your house could be giving you other signals.

As damp conditions encouraging the growth of household mold, this has a knock-on effect on paintwork and wallpaper. Cracks that appear in paint and peeling wallpaper can easily be left to form part of a DIY list however your home could also be screaming to you that it has a problem.

You should especially take note if you have had any flooding, no matter how little it may have been, as it could spell the start of a longer and far grander problem.

Pay Attention to the Signs of Mold 

The signs of mold are obvious when you know what to look for. We hope our informative post can help you to stay on top of any potential signs of household mold.

If you tick any of the boxes, live in the Tallahassee area, and need a solution we would be more than happy to help you. With over 50 years of experience, SERVPRO is a name you can trust. Contact us today.

What you should know about mold and mold removal

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

mold remediation mold removal

If you've started noticing little dark spots on your ceiling, you may be worried about mold levels in your household or workplace. While mold is generally a normal (and ever-present) part of most environments, too much mold can cause health effects or damage to facilities. 

If you've noticed a growing spot of mold in your home, it may be time to call in a home mold removal service. In the meantime, here are five things you ought to know about mold.

1. Mold Isn't Always the Enemy!

Most of the time, people hear the word mold and freak out. But it's important to recognize that mold is not always a bad thing. In fact, it's in many of the things we eat today (such as cheese and beer.)

That being said, high levels of mold in a household environment or workplace can cause health effects, so it's important to be aware of when mold is helpful and when it's harmful.

2. How Mold Spreads

Mold spreads by sending microscopic spores into the air. These spores float around until they find a damp spot to stick to. From there, they will start to grow into their own new mold.

Unfortunately, the microscopic nature of mold spores means that there's no way to completely eliminate the possibility of mold growth. But have no fear: there are plenty of things you can do to keep mold levels in your home at an acceptable (and healthy) level. 

3. Where Mold Grows

In reality, mold can grow almost anywhere. You may find it on your food, your ceilings, or even in your carpets. Any environment that is consistently moist or damp can allow mold to grow (sometimes in as little as 24-48 hours.)

4. Controlling Mold Growth

As stated earlier, there is no way to completely prevent the spread of mold spores or the growth of mold in an environment. However, there are ways to limit how far mold can spread and to keep mold levels within reasonable and healthy limits.

One of the most effective ways to prevent excessive mold growth is to limit the humidity in a home or office building. This can be done in a variety of ways including using vents in bathrooms and laundry rooms, installing a de-humidifier, and using the exhaust fan when you cook on the stove. 

5. Moisture and Mold

Molds love moisture, so any sort of water issues like flooding can trigger a mold problem. This is why it's important to mop up any spills or excess fluids on floors (especially if there's carpet involved.) Otherwise, you're leaving a perfect spot for mold to grow!

Solutions: Home Mold Removal

Now that you have some background information on how mold grows, you can understand how important home mold removal services are. Removing mold from home can help keep you healthy, maintain the structural integrity of your home, and increase your quality of life in general. Contact us today to learn more about how mold removal can help you. 

Don't Let Mold Ruin Your Reopening

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

man cleaning mold man cleaning mold in tallahassee

Don't Let Mold Ruin Your Business from Reopening

Many businesses and offices are in the process of reopening after months of lockdown. With lights and HVAC systems off, there is likely mold that needs removing

Are you planning to reopen your business after months of lockdown? Before you welcome customers back to your store or office, you should take steps to make sure it's safe for people to return. 

Mold can be present somewhere without detection by the naked eye at first. Read on to learn four ways that we ensure full mold removal so you can reopen with confidence!

1. Perform a Thorough Inspection and Assessment

At SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee, we perform a thorough inspection and assessment of your property upon arrival. We send a technician to your business to perform an in-depth inspection for the presence of any mold. 

We will also use various technologies, including a moisture meter, to discover mold in areas where it is not yet visible.

2. Containment and Air Filtration 

Once we discover areas where mold is present inside of your office, we focus on containment and air filtration to limit the spread of spores.

Our trained professionals will use physical barriers to isolate the mold-infested areas. They will also ensure all HVAC systems are off during the entire process. This helps to limit the chance of spreading mold in other areas.

Air filtration procedures allow us to pull mold spores out of the air so that what's inside your business is a clean final product. 

3. Removing Molded Materials

Depending on the mold severity, we may have to remove molded materials because of damage. For example, you may have a piece of wood or a ceiling panel that has an advanced mold infestation. 

Our professionals will remove these pieces as necessary to be sure that what's left is free of mold. We will also apply anti-fungal and anti-microbial products to other molded areas. This helps to control future mold outbreaks from growing fast.

4. Cleanup and Restoration

After we find and remove mold in your business, we will perform cleanup and restoration procedures as the final step in our process.

The cleanup process includes picking up all debris that was created during the treatment stage. We will also ensure that all of our materials and tools are picked up so that your office space is clean and safe for customers and employees.

Lastly, our restoration process may include replacing carpet or other structural components of your building that we removed because of extensive mold infestations.

Wrapping Up: The Importance of Mold Removal

Mold removal is an important part of making sure you are taking steps to ensure a safe and smooth re-opening for your business. 

At SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee, we are your source for mold removal, and water and fire damage treatment in the Greater Tallahassee area. We are a family-owned business with its focus on serving the needs of our customers in a safe and cost-effective way.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help get your business up and running today!

5 Signs Your Office Needs a Mold Remediation Service

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

mold remediation mold damage tallahassee

5 Signs Your Office Needs a Mold Remediation Service

Part of keeping your company's building clean requires looking out for sources of damage. Here are signs you need a mold remediation service.

In a humid, muggy state like Florida, you can count on mold being a problem. 

Wherever there's moisture, mold follows. And whether it's a leaky roof, busted pipes, hurricane or other storm damage, fixing mold damage just comes with the territory. 

Here's a look at six signs that indicate your office is in need of a mold remediation service. 

1. Strange Odor

One of the earliest and most obvious signs of mold is a strange or musty odor. 

When mold spores begin colonizing, they often emit a recognizable odor. So if you detect a moldy aroma in your office, which wasn't there before, this is usually a good sign that you might have a mold problem. 

Still, you shouldn't only rely on your sense of smell. After all, some molds are odorless. 

2. Water Damage

A good sign that you'll probably need mold remediation service is water damage anywhere in your office. 

If there's been recent water damage, you can expect the growth of new mold. This is one of those unfortunate facts of life. So if you've had water damage anywhere in your office, it's a good idea to expect damage from mold. 

3. Leaky Pipes

Of course, one of the major sources of water damage is leaks in pipes

This is why it's important to regularly inspect the plumbing and pipework in your office for any signs of leaks or breakages. Even a small leak, unnoticed and insignificant, can generate the conditions that promote the growth of mold and mildew. 

Fixing mold damage isn't enough. Be proactive, and ensure that the pipes and ductwork in your office is in good repair and free of leaks. 

4. Naked-Eye Mold

If you can see the mold growth, then you know you need a mold remediation service. 

This seems like an obvious one. But it's critical to take even the smallest signs of mold growth seriously. Molds exhibit many different colors, shapes, and even textures. 

If you recognize the appearance of a mold patch in your office, even a small one, it's time to contact a mold remediation service. 

5. Excessive Humidity

This is important if you're located in a humid, muggy environment. 

If this describes your office, then it's certain that you're at least at a higher risk for mold growth. High humidity equals more moisture, which is conducive to the spread of mold spores. 

Keep a Lookout For These Signs That You Might Need a Mold Remediation Service

These are six important indicators that your office is in urgent need of a mold remediation service. Signs of mold, leaky pipes, weird odors, health effects—if any or all of these are present in an office space, it's probably time for some mold cleansing. 

If your office presents any of these signs, go ahead and contact us at SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee. Our team of professionals will take care of your mold remediation needs. 

The Fascinating Truth about Mold

11/11/2020 (Permalink)

mold remediation mold remediation Tallahassee

The Fascinating Truth about Mold

Most people do not realize that mold is everywhere. Mold lives inside, mold lives outside, and, in fact, mold is likely growing somewhere in close proximity to you as you read this article. Mold spores are microscopic and are therefore difficult to spot with the eyes. Thriving on moisture, mold spores often grow in places that are wet and colonies often grow quickly when exposed to water. Understanding some basic mold facts and figures can help you to be more aware of the potential dangers of mold growth and the risk of letting it thrive without professional removal or remediation.

We have spent some time collecting some of the most interesting facts and fascinating truths about mold. Take a moment to read through these figures and make mental notes of how important it is to be aware of any signs of mold:

  • Nearly 30 percent of new homes built have mold in them already
  • Mold exposure has been linked to health effects
  • Fixing water leaks or problems is the best way to avoid mold growth
  • Mold can grow on virtually any type of substance or surface as long as moisture is present
  • Storm-driven rain is one of the most common sources of mold
  • There have been over 1,000 mold-related insurance claims over the last decade
  • Roof damage often leads to mold growth as a result of roof leaks
  • Doors, windows, and exterior walls are all vulnerable to mold growth when moisture exists
  • Poor ventilation inside of a home causes mold to grow
  • Humidity must be controlled to prevent excessive mold growth

While mold will always be present in your day-to-day life, there are a number of ways to avoid excessive exposure. Keep the above facts and figures in mind in order to protect you and your family from mold-related health effects. If you believe that you may have a mold issue in your home or business, contact SERVPRO today to speak with our mold remediation experts!