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What to do When a Storm Damage Happens to Your Tallahassee Home.

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage to Tallahassee Florida Home Extensive Damage Documented in Tallahassee Florida Structure

When it comes to preparing for a storm, many Tallahassee residents think they have enough knowledge on what to do. Others assume it will never happen to them. If you are a Floridian, however, you can’t afford to be in a position of loss due to lack of consideration of storm damage. Damage can be big or small, but all damage poses real inconvenience.  Remember, knowledge is power, so it’s worth a few minute read to ensure storm preparedness.

The first thing to identify with is the safety of all who occupy the space affected. The storm will likely have brought a high level of fear in, and you may be inclined to rush into space in an attempt to salvage items. There are safety hazards that can be detrimental, so you will need to look for broken glass, chipped wood, or other debris before doing that. The entire property should be thoroughly checked, and cleared, before your guard is dropped. 

The next storm damage steps to take are checking to make sure any structural damage has been identified and documented. Checking to ensure all building properties and roofs are stable is key. Check for holes, leaks, dents or broken shingles on the roof. Walls, doors and windows are all included in the structural assessment as well. Removing debris should be done along the way as well to assist in further safety. 

Taking photos should be done next. Everything that is reported as hazardous should be documented with pictures to support if you plan to get compensation or restoration in place quickly. Try not to assume you will remember details or recount exact locations of damage. Simply, take the time to document each line item. This will be extremely helpful when working with an insurance adjuster.

That brings us to the next step where you call your insurance provider. Hopefully you have flood insurance or a homeowners policy for the property. If you do, the storm damage repairs are more likely to be covered. It’s suggested that you notify your provider within 60 days of the incident to make the claim. Many homeowners policies cover tornado damage and roof and water damage. Most go further to take care of hotel expenses, and even food spoilage. If you do not have any policies in place, you may qualify for federal support through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

You may want to get things back to “normal” quickly, which is completely understandable. Still, it’s encouraged that you start with the essential repairs needed to get the structure in functioning condition fast. Keep all receipts on initial and temporary repairs. Once the insurance inspection takes place, you will be ready to embark on your search for a storm damage repair company like ours.

Tallahassee adjusters are there to help, but it’s your responsibility to have a general understanding of the process, so that you don’t feel swayed or manipulated along the way. The adjuster is just that- not an employee of the insurance company. They may, in fact be, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes independent adjusters are contracted as third parties. These agents still perform services. Public adjusters, however, are not affiliated with the insurance company, so their services come with a fee and they are not at liberty to provide legal advice or help with reconstruction. 

It is your job to be used into the timeline of storm damage recovery laid out by the insurance company you are contracted with. We know you want to begin repairs immediately, but it is crucial to understand the timeline and the importance of it being carried out in the way identified by professionals. Your insurance company has 14 days to respond to a claim, and they may need more info or the proof-of-loss form as well. Once they have all this info they can either accept or reject the claim. The next phase of the process can then take up to 30 days. Once accepted, the company will be afforded 90 days to send the check. There are many local insurance companies that we highly recommend 

Once the logistical items above are complete, it’s time to call in the storm professionals. The more time that goes by, the more susceptible you are to having further challenges. Secondary damage can set in as the structure remains unrepaired. Mold can begin to grow on unfixed roof leaks, and dangerous molds are detrimental to your health. The unforeseen can be avoided by relying on professionals like our team, and should always be brought in for optimal, timely recovery. 

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