Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Ceiling in Tallahassee

A plex-water line leaked in the attic of this Tallahassee house and created a very visible water stain. Fortunately, the homeowner called SERVPRO immediately, a... READ MORE

Flood Damage In Tallahassee

When a bad storm hits your Tallahassee home, you need to call the specialists at SERVPRO. Our technicians can be reached 24/7! After we inspect your property, w... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Tallahassee

When a fire destroys your Tallahassee home, you need to call the specialists at SERVPRO. Our fire damage experts can be reached 24/7! After we inspect your prop... READ MORE

Tallahassee Office Suite Flooded with Fresh Water

The Before Photo shows plenty of standing water still present on the floor of this suite in Tallahassee. The plumbing break, containing clean water posed no imm... READ MORE

Storm Damage From Fallen Tree in Tallahassee

Intense weather left this Tallahassee home with storm damage from a fallen tree. It is standard for SERVPRO techs to tarp over damaged roofing during cleanup to... READ MORE

Water Damage In Southwood

If your Southwood home experiences a water damage emergency, you need to contact our crew right away. Our skilled crew is standing by 24/7 to respond to your ca... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Tallahassee

Call our professionals right after a water damage disaster has damaged your Tallahassee commercial property. Our water damage experts are ready 24/7 to assist y... READ MORE

Tallahassee Water Damage Shows Up As Wall Blister

It might be inviting to simply pop the blister that showed up in the paint on the wall of this Tallahassee home, as shown in the Before Photo. However, this typ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Southwood Home

Storm damage to this Southwood home was the result of an open window during a hard-driving rain, which led to the drenching of the carpeting and damage to the f... READ MORE

House Fire in Tallahassee and Cleanup

Some house fires damage structural components of a Tallahassee home more than others. The call to SERVPRO for preloss restoration can be a wise one to make. The... READ MORE